Greek Life takes on Campus-Wide Cleanup

On Sunday, November 13th, all the Greek organizations on Delaware Valley University’s campus got together and picked up trash. Organized by the university’s Inter-Greek Council, specifically the Vice President of Programming on the executive team, all greek life came out to support.

At Delaware Valley University, DelVal for short, there are six active greek organizations. There are three sororities: Sigma Alpha, Delta Epsilon Beta, and Omega Chi. There are three fraternities: Alpha Gamma Rho, Rho Epsilon Kappa, and Alpha Phi Omega. There is also the national honor society called Order of Omega that greek members could join if they have a high enough GPA.

Delta Epsilon Beta, Omega Chi, Alpha Gamma Rho, and Rho Epsilon Kappa, are all local greek life, which means they are not part of a national group. They get to create their own constitutions, and are very active in the rule making process.

Alpha Phi Omega, a co-ed service fraternity, and Sigma Alpha are national chapters, both have certain rules and regulations they have to follow if they want to remain an active part of the organization.

Everyone, about 40 members of greek life, broke up into teams of about 15, with a fair mix of all the organizations in each group, and covered various parts of the campus. This promoted inter-greek bonding, all the while making our campus more beautiful, and way less covered in garbage.

Greek life at DelVal is amazing, and community is an active part of all chapter’s semesterly activities. They do more than party their lives away, they are trying to make a difference on their campus and the community that surrounds them.



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