Bingo Night

On Saturday, November 5th, Student Government Board hosted a Bingo Night.  In the beginning of the event, the caller kept jumbling the letters and numbers making it very confusing on which number she was calling.  Furthermore, the same caller wasn’t informed on how to play certain bingo types.  There were different ways to get bingo depending on the round.  One round you had to make an X, the next you needed four corners, and so on.  But, the caller was misinformed on how to explain each round.  I really liked how they had these different ways to win because it mixes things up and makes Bingo more exciting.  I also thought that they should have told non-DelVal students that they couldn’t win before they came to the event.  It felt like more of an afterthought, once a non-DelVal student won.  Although the way that they handled the misinformation was really effective without much fuss.  I thought that it was weird that they didn’t have the person who called Bingo first win.  For example, multiple people called Bingo from the same number being called and one person clearly said it first.  But, the people in charged had all of the people that called Bingo to pick a number 1-100 and whoever was closer won the prize.  They had a good variety of prizes that you could win for each round.   It is always a good excuse to take a break from studying. Despite some of these slip-ups, I had a really good time playing Bingo with my roommates and I would definitely go to another Bingo Night.

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