Boo! A Madea Halloween

Tyler Perry has been at it again with creating another uniquely, funny and unusual film for his series of ‘Madea Movies’, this time releasing one called “Boo! A Madea Halloween”.

Tyler Perry plays three characters in these films: Madea, Joe, and Brian, but casts previously seen actors/actresses such as Aunt Bam, the chronically high, and police fearing relative. In Boo! A Madea Halloween, Brian asks Madea to watch his 17-year-old daughter Tiffany so she doesn’t sneak out of the house to attend a Halloween costume party at a fraternity a few blocks down. Agreeing to man the house only because of a monetary bribe, she brings along three easily scared compadres. The night turns into the chaperones scared, running for their lives from zombies, clowns, and other traditional haunted house features.

If you are an avid audience member of this series, you know that there is a wide variety of viewers that enjoy the overdramatic mannerisms and charismatic beings that tags along to the humor element spewed throughout, and if you aren’t then you now know. I would say that, compared to his other ‘Madea films’, that this was his best yet for the comedic elements, and the overall message from the story.

Some have said that the rough edges and no-tolerance personality of Madea give off a bad influence for viewers. I can see how that can be derived but I think that is what adds to her character and the message of the story. In this day in age, we are surrounded by young individuals who do not respect the life experience, wisdom, and authority possessed by our elders, and Madea’s character proves to not stand for that mentality. The two messages, although are briefly touched in a joking manner through the film, are finally make eminent in the final scenes. Perry drives home that kids are to respect their parents, and that parents need to be more like parents and get tough and firm in their parenting, rather than being a pushover and more like a friend. This is a well-needed message and can be reinforced to even the best of those.

Concluding, this movie was a light-hearted, comedic Halloween movie, in which trailers left plenty out to leave theater-goers unsure as to whether this was going to be a scary movie sprinkled with some ‘Madea-isms’, or a spoof of classic horror films like A Haunted House, which played on the Paranormal Activity series. Perry did a good job creating a movie which toyed classic Halloween and horror pranks and married that with classic tongue and cheek humor portrayed in his reoccurring characters.



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