Pros and Cons of the first few seasons of The Office (the U.S. versio

As someone who recently got into the U.S. version of the hit show, The Office, I can’t give pros and cons of the entire series. I can however tell some highlights and lowlights of the first four-ish seasons (I’m halfway through the 5th) and tell you why I think this show is addicting.



  1. Steve Carell. He is one of my favorite actors and plays the lead role on the show. The reason he is so good on the show is because he is able to make you simultaneously love and hate him at the same time. There aren’t many characters on shows I watch where I hate them as a person but also love them as a person and Carell does a flawless job at it. To give an example of this, he will make a string of crude comments that make you wish you could hit him and then later in the episode do something so selfless and genuine like help little kids learn how to skate or play with babies and it warms your heart and you can no longer hate him.
  2. The characters are so diverse. All of these people are working for a paper company and therefore do not have the most exciting lives. But all of their quirky personalities are so unique and different that it gives the show its humor. If the characters weren’t all so radical, meaning they have very distinct personalities, I don’t think the show would be as interesting or able to do some of the things it does.
  3. There’s a really good love story. Jim and Pam are two workers in the office that have a “flirtationship” that later turns to a relationship. Literally for three seasons I was on the edge of my seat rooting them together and the reason I probably went through three seasons so fast was because I wanted to know what happened to them. Their relationship, even as friends, was based on humor and it made all of their interactions fun and playful. They are literally my idea of “relationship goals.”
  4. It doesn’t get too heavy. Since there are so many crime shows and law shows and dramas on TV, it’s nice to watch a comedy and not think about real world issues for a half an hour. Yes these issues are important but every now and then it’s also good to unplug from the real world and laugh.


  1. I really only have one. The show can be very offensive. You’re watching a lot of comedians make jokes the entire time. Some of the joking and pranking are harmless but some are really, really offensive. But the show doesn’t apologize for it. It’s like watching stand- up comedy. There are jokes about race, sex, religion, orientation. It’s also like playing Cards Against Humanity, you almost have to accept that everything will be offensive before you watch it. But what I do like is that the characters that make the worst jokes (usually Carell’s character) are seen as jerks. Therefore, the show doesn’t necessarily condone the humor all the time.

Overall, this show is addicting. I would be done with all of the seasons if I didn’t have school. I think if you are the type of person that could use a laugh, likes a love story, and can accept some crude humor, it’s a good show to watch.

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