Soreness Activated

I read an article that is an Ode to Preseason that got me thinking.  So, this blog will be dedicated to the exhausting fun times of preseason.  Preseason.  For those of you who do not play a sport this word does not carry any weight.  But for those who do play a sport, I am sorry for bringing up horrible flashbacks.  Preseason is a week-long camp that pushes you close to your breaking point.  It is a week of two a day practices that has conditioning in the morning and stick work in the afternoon.  When you graduate you never have to go through another preseason again.  But what if I tell you that you will miss it?  Would you think that I was crazy? Think of it this way, in the words of Kaitlin Piosa “Never again in your life will it be so simple as to eat, sleep and play field hockey.”  This is a week that is dedicated to your sport, nothing else matters.

Here’s a list of all the hard times of preseason:

  • You have to duck walk because your muscles are really sore and you don’t want to move them
  • Since your muscles are sore and protest every time you move, you have to do a trust fall with the toilet seat because it hurts to bend down.
  • No matter how much you run before you get here, you will never be fully prepared for the toughness of preseason
  • Blisters forming on all of your toes from your cleats/turf shoes
  • I managed to pull my quad muscle almost every preseason
  • The endless sprints (suicides, work horse, sniper, etc)
  • Burpees, lunges, bear crawls, and squats…enough said
  • The dreaded timed mile on the track
  • The turf is always 10 degrees hotter than the air around it. Your feet will feel like they are on fire, you can see the heat waves coming off the turf
  • Make sure you put sunscreen on or else you will get really sunburned

Even with the amount of toughness that preseason brings, it isn’t all bad.  Here is a list of all the times that preseason is worth it:

  • We get to move in early, before the big rush of people
  • A lot of friendships are made and these friendships help make the transition from high school to college more smooth
  • There is a lot of team bonding, “suffering together”
  • We all hang out after all of the practices are done at dinner
  • We are getting in shape for a purpose; to do our best to win the MAC Championship
  • Once an aggie, always an aggie
  • There are great memories amidst the painful week


Link to the article:

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