Senior Day

It was a memorable senior day for Delaware Valley University’s Aggies football team. The Aggies honored 18 seniors this Saturday in a pre game ceremony. To say the past four years for the football team has been good would be an understatement. The seniors for Delval have witnessed success in their four years as they have won 31 of their 41 games, in other words, Delval has gone 31-10 in the last four years.  So to see Delval come out and win saturday against Lycoming college would only seem right.

Well that’s exactly what they did, they beat Lycoming College 28-20. With that win the Aggies move to 7-2 overall and 6-2 in the MAC and are in contention for postseason play for the ninth straight year and 13th of the last 14 years as a win against rival Widener University next Saturday, November 12, would clinch a spot in the Centennial MAC bowl series.

This was a big win indeed for the Delaware Valley Aggies and its seniors. Not only does it keep them alive for post season play, but it also builds on to the legacy these seniors have been building. This is the 32nd win for this group of senior, anytime a teams win total outmatches their loss total by that much, you know that its a success. This group of seniors have helped build up this football program and there is no reason why they can’t keep building off this success. They have shown that hard work and dedication can not only lead to success, but it can also leave a legacy.

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