Is Everything A Miracle?

There are so many miracles that happen everyday in life. If we wanted to be critical, we could say every single thing that happens is a miracle. I mean honestly why isn’t a miracle that our heart never stops beating? Or why isn’t it a miracle that I made it through the day without dying? Tell that to the 151,600 people who have died today. The birth of a child is a miracle, the fact that a baby can survive inside its mothers stomach is a miracle. Our world is a miracle, our planet earth is currently floating in the middle of chaos! Our planet tilted at exactly the right spot and has the exact perfect amount of equilibrium that it doesn’t fall out of place at any moment.

Jupiter is a miracle and we would not be here if it wasn’t for Jupiter. Comets and asteroids are constantly coming towards us on earth. And if it wasn’t for for Jupiter’s gravity slinging those comets off another direction we would constantly be getting hit. Literally everything on earth is a miracle down to the smallest cell. Oh yea, cells are miracles. Cells are too small to even see with the naked eye but there are so many things that go on in a cell, scientist don’t understand.

Nobody has answers for these things, for years the most brilliant scientist and philosophers have done nothing but driven themselves crazy trying to find answers. The more we try to find answers, the more it’s revealing to me what an amazing and creative God we have!

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