Friend or Foe

Do you keep in touch with people from back home? Like the ones who you grew up with or went to high school with? Facebook has made staying connected easier, but what about calling, or texting? Okay, so maybe you shoot them a text, but how to you actually stay close, connected, friends? Are you friends- as in: “Yeah I know him/her, we used to be on the soccer team together but truth-be-told I haven’t seen or heard from him since we graduated” or are you truly friends in the sense that “Yeah, I could tell you his/her middle name and what’s new and going on in their life as of a month ago”? Do you actually make it a point to get together and do something when you’re home?

I know these are a lot of questions but I just wanted to make sure we’re on the same page before we continue.

Maybe I haven’t done my part in keeping touch, or maybe it’s theirs, or even a combination of the two. I never really had a desire to stay connected to the twenty-year old’s who are still ‘stuck’ in high school and freeloading off of their parents. But as I’ve gone back to visit my parents in my hometown these past few years, not having stayed in super close connection with people, I’ve noticed friends aren’t the friends we claim them to be. They are the ones who say “Yeah! Let’s meet up” but when the day comes to meet, suddenly they ‘can’t’ or something ‘came up’.  Now, leaving ‘growing up’ out of it, I’ve come to terms with the best type of friends. And there are many different types of friends, but overall I believe I’ve found the answer.

The best types of friends are: those, who despite the busyness of life, still make it a point to carve out time for you- and it’s the furthest thing from being a burden. They are the ones who know that you are only home for a weekend and know that family time is important, but so is time for friends, and so they go along with plans and are an add-on to your family. They are the ones that even if something comes up, they make spending time with both parties work. And they are the ones that when you surprise them by telling them you’re home early, work some extra hours so the weekend is free.

Those are the best types of friends who are creating the best type of friendship.

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