Don’t Judge a Book by the Cover- or do?

Being in college, and an overall busy person, it’s been forever since I’ve gotten to read a book of my choosing with no time constraints. I’ve read several books and articles for classes and there have been some decent ones, really there have, and I’m not just convincing myself that they were good. But there is something about picking out a book, finding a comfortable position for adequate binge reading, and temporarily getting lost in a world of your choosing. There are very few things (besides drugs) that can temporarily take our minds away from this world. And if you don’t enjoy ‘fun-reading’ then it’s such a hard concept to grasp. Truth be told, I used to be a full-blown book-oholic, and having a family that knew that they always had a go-to gift. But that was the problem, which coincidentally is one of my many pet peeves. I strongly dislike when people give me a book and tell me I must read it for whatever reason. Let me explain why.

First off, I have a very specific genre of books that enjoy, and trying to explain it to someone like my grandma would be near impossible. There is no in-between when it comes to me- either I like a book, or I don’t. And maybe there would be more books that I enjoy if I didn’t judge a book by its cover. When I would go to the library, and walk through the aisles finding something that stands out. I believe that if an author has spent months and months on their “masterpiece” then they should take an extra four hours and create an alluring book cover. We live in an era where we have a short attention span and we are drawn to something eye catching, so with graphic design at our disposal there should not be books that are being produced that are not on point. And I have never judged a book on a cover that I read and have not been wrong about. I’d rather have one phenomenal book that leaves me with hundreds of unidentifiable feelings than several mediocre books that I can’t even finish.

That’s why catchy titles are worth it too. Why did you choose to read my blog? What made mine different that others? Spoiler Allert: it’s because it was eye-catching and unique. That’s what fun about writing, reading, books, and articles.

I’m fully aware that this belief of mine sounds completely asinine, and I’m fine with whatever judgement you thought while reading this.  All I’m saying is book are neat, and when you find a diamond in the rut, or an awesome book in a field of shelves, it’s the epitome of bliss, and judging a book by the cover isn’t a bad way to find it.

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