Cut the Sass

For anyone who knows me, I’m the sass queen. I am constantly rolling my eyes and making sassy comments and teasing people left and right. However, as I’ve gone through college I’ve learned that it’s important to know when to tame the beast. Because if you aren’t careful, you could end up hurting someone’s feelings or rubbing someone the wrong way. College is a particularly stressful time and I think a lot of my sass comes from the stress. I know I’ve always been sassy but it didn’t get bad until last year when I took on too many things (see “Belt” blog). However, sass may also just come from personal defense or the need to fit in. Knowing the consequences of being too feisty, I want to give some tips to other people who, like myself, find themselves on the sassy side.

  1. Try to tone it down when meeting new people. If someone doesn’t know you, they won’t know if you’re being sarcastic or serious. It’s important if you want to make a good impression to be less sarcastic and sassy and just be natural. I personally don’t always succeed at this because sassy is part of my natural but I know it’s important to gauge my audience and go from there. Sass isn’t just a spicket you turn off and on, there are levels to it and it’s important to know what level is appropriate.
  2. Take it easy on your friends. I know a lot of my friends get tired of my sass. Luckily, I know a lot of outspoken individuals so they never have an issue telling me to check myself. However, I can tell that sometimes it bothers them more than they let on. No one wants to be around someone who is sassy all the time. Some of my friends even feel that I’m being critical of them when I mean a comment as a joke. Give your friends a break now and again because if you want to keep them around, they deserve to be treated right.
  3. Never, EVER sass via text. If you have a solid enough relationship with someone where they can understand every inflection of your typing, great. However, this is not the case for most people so you must tread carefully over text. I have started plenty of fights with my boyfriend because something I said was taken badly. Trust me, you get tired of having to back track and explain everything and they get tired of feeling attacked, it’s a lose/lose.

The reason I wrote this blog was because lately I feel like I’ve been hurting a lot of feelings with my sass. I know in today’s culture, it’s seen as cool to be witty and clever and girls who are sassy are desirable. However, from personal experience I know that being sarcastic is not always funny. Hopefully if you find yourself as someone who is a sass master, you’ll take my advice so that you don’t hurt feelings too.

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