Freshman Year

This is an interview that I did with my little brother, Daniel, who is starting his freshman year at Seton Hall University.

What is your major? Do you have a minor?

My major is Accounting. I currently have no minor but plan on adding Information systems or computer science next semester.

I always joke that I am the only sibling that didn’t follow in our parent’s footsteps.  You went into accounting which was our mom and dad’s major and Katie, our sister, went to Rider University that both mom and dad went too.  So, I am the only one that does not have the same major or university.

How did you choose what you wanted to major/minor in?

I took courses about accounting/computer science in high school and really enjoyed them.

What is your favorite aspect of being at college?

I like the freedom given to students which helps them, hopefully, become more mature.

Haha, hopefully is the key word J  I agree that college gives you more freedom.  It gives you more responsibility to have better time management.  In the three years that I have been in college, I find my grades are better during field hickey season because I have better tie management while in season.

What is your favorite activity that you have done this semester?

The Pep Band practices or the play The learned ladies performed by Seton hall’s own students.

I know you really enjoyed marching band in high school so I am glad that you found a school that has a band!

How did you choose what college to go to?

I chose Seton Hall University because of the campus tours I took. They had a lot of enthusiasm towards helping me and they made me feel special.

What is your favorite class that you have this semester?

Microeconomics because the professor is so funny!  My favorite material wise is Business Information Systems

What do you hope to do after college?

Sit behind a desk, working for a firm or other big company.

I could never sit behind a desk all day!  That is one of the reasons that I want to become a park ranger.

What do you wish you knew before you started college?

I wished that I knew how to study better.

I feel like this is an important skill that should be taught in high school to help freshman college students.  I remember feeling the same way my freshman year and learned how I study best through trial and error.

What is your favorite part of the Pep Band?

Meeting new friends and of course playing music

I feel like that is one of the great aspects of joining a group right when you start college.  Meeting new people that share your same interests help the whole college experience a little less overwhelming.  I remember my freshman year, I relied on the upper class-men of the field hockey team to help me get through the freshman jitters.

What other clubs and organizations are you involved in or what others do you want to become involved in?

I worked with D.o.v.e or division of volunteer efforts and I am thinking about joining other various clubs.

I am excited that you were talking about joining Alpha Phi Omega because I am also in APO since freshman are required to complete a certain number of community service hours at your college.

Do you get along with your roommate?

Yes, we are both very quiet. However, that works very well for both of us. 🙂

I can definitely relate to this.  My roommate and I freshman year were and are very shy.  We are actually still roommates this year (our senior year).



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