Being a Member of a Local Sorority

Francesca “Flawless” Lanfranchi, a junior at Delaware Valley University, has been a member of the Delta Epsilon Beta sorority for almost two years now. She absolutely adores it and whether she knows it or not, she is one of the reasons that I ended up joining as well. She puts her whole heart into it and you can see how deeply she cares.

What made you want to join a sorority?

I wanted to join a sorority to meet new people and allow myself to go outside my comfort zone. I was very nervous about rushing originally because I did not know any of the girls, but I eventually realized that being in Delta Epsilon Beta was a perfect fit for me.


Did you always want to?

Yes, I have always wanted to join a sorority since high school, back in New Jersey. However, I knew nothing about Greek life at Delval and was originally unsure if I wanted to do it here.


What made you want to pick Delta Epsilon Beta out of all the Greek life at DelVal?

I felt an instant connection with the active sisters of the sorority. They were all very down to earth, friendly, and welcoming. I could see myself easily fitting in to this group of girls and decided not to look at any other Greek organizations.


What is your favorite part about being in a local chapter of a Greek organization, as opposed to a larger national one?

Being in a local chapter allows us more freedom. We are granted the opportunity to be able to truly make our sorority ours. We may be small, but we have all put in such time and energy into building our organization to getting bigger and better each semester.

Pictured here are some active members of Delta Epsilon Beta at Delaware Valley University’s Club and Organization Expo. Aren’t we cute?Processed with VSCO with f2 preset

What are the positions you hold within your sorority?

I am currently a fundraising chair, merchandise chair and sisterhood chair. Fundraising finds events where the sorority can raise money for itself or charitable causes. As a merchandise chair, I help pick out and design the merchandise we wear, whether it is sweatshirts, t-shirts, or whatever. On sisterhood, I am with other girls who try to come up with events to promote sisterly bonding. I am also the Vice President of Programming for the Inter-Greek Council, DelVal’s governing Greek organizational body.


What is your all time favorite memory in your sorority? Or top 3?

1.) Our formal held every spring semester, is always memorable because we can all dress up and spend time together just focusing on enjoying ourselves.

2.) Going on our sister retreat last year was also a great time because my sisters and I were able to come together in a non-stressful environment. We were given the opportunity to truly get to know each other and it brought u
s closer.

3.) Being a new member educator has become one of my favorite memories as well. Last spring, I helped teach the new member class what DEB stands for. They learned our history, our morals, and other things about Delta Epsilon Beta that the actives always hold dear. This was a great experience, because I was able to show the new girls why we consider the sorority so important and what we stand for. We have high expectations of each other and the organization that we put so much time into.


Would you do anything differently with your time in Delta Epsilon Beta?

No I would not.


What advice do you have for any potential new members of any small Greek organization? 

I advise them to not be nervous and come to meet us! It may be intimidating approaching a group of girls that you do not know, but we are all friendly and want to know you as well. The sorority provided me with forever friendships and leadership opportunities I would never have anticipated.


Do not be afraid to give Greek life a try! You may end up loving it.

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