I Realized Binge Drinking Is a Problem

This past week I had to do a research project for my writing classes. One thing that I realized after doing this research project is that, as much as I hate research projects, I always come out of it with a passion on the subject. This happens to me every time but I think it has taken till now for me to finally realize this.

My research project was on binge drinking. Now of course we all know binge drinking happens frequently, and we all know it is probably a bigger problem then what we make it. On that note though, binge drinking is a lot bigger deal than we make it!! Its like anything else, I know this is a problem, but it was not till I actually looked into the problem or faced it firsthand to realize, you know what, a lot of young kids are dying from this, and a lot face depression because of this epidemic. Over 60 percent of college students drink alcohol and about two out of three of that 60 percent say that they have participated in binge drinking. Why is this a problem? Well 1825 college students alone die annually to alcohol related deaths. In total, 88,000 people in the US die annually from alcohol related deaths.

Unless you are locked in a cage, binge drinking can make you a hazard to everyone around you. But even then, binge drinking can lead to suicide thoughts, anxiety, and even depression. So you really can’t escape the hazard that you are. Alcohol is extremely addictive, in fact alcohol is the number one used addictive substance used in the US. Whenever you binge drink, Dopamine is released in your brain telling your body you want more and more because it craves the feeling. So you have to things working against each other, your liver and the rest of your organs are telling you you’ve had enough, “please stop drinking!” But your brain, thanks to the Dopamine is telling you, “keep drinking, this feels so good, I need more!” In the long run, if your brain wins that argument, your organs, primarily your liver, will lose, and may even shut down.

I haven’t had a drink in a long long time, but after completing this research project I don’t see “drinking alcohol” in my agenda. The project was not fun, but the information I’ve taken out from this has been eye opening. This information will always be in my mind.

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