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In July of this year my Mom received a letter in the mail from someone named Ana Martinez. My Mom prepared and sent an email, to Mr. Martinez. I would have thought Ana was a woman’ name, not a man’s. For some reason I don’t know, Mom also decided to copy my sister, brother and I on this email and gave us no backstory. So we are part of the journey.

I researched Ana Martinez online and found out a person named the same is the Harrisburg NWC program coordinator and co-pastor of the First Spanish Christian Church of Harrisburg. Perhaps she meant to email him. How my Mom found his information and why he might deserve a letter from my Mom is a mystery… although I have the history of knowing my Mom and that her email might not have been directed to the correct person. There is a person named Ana Martinez at Buiten & Associates Insurance and she is her, not a him, and her email seems to be different than the one my Mom used. I was able to use the context clue of Bureau of Risk and Insurance Management (below). Regardless of this, Mom’s email said:

Dear Mr. Martinez:  The letter you sent to me regarding the accident on Cottman Ave. did not advise me about the reason you would not “Pursue” this matter.  I had been informed previously by the City of Philadelphia that this Ave. becomes “Township Line Rd.” outside of the city.  This incident happened where two lanes become one, and the roadway is painted with faded red lines!  I know nothing about the investigation and the reason why, as stated previously that you have laid the responsibility in my Lap to try and recover something from the home owner (if there is one?  I already stated that the City said it did not belong to them.  I am a 72 year old woman who has survived cancer 3 times, survived six surgeries, and am unable to do what you request.  It would be dangerous for me to knock on peoples’  doors in the area accusing them of owning the tree with the BRANCH that damaged my automobile.  I would like your Supervisor to  find a safer and better way to resolve this situation .  I need your help.  This happened near the City of Philadelphia in which I lived, taught school, worked at the voting, worded @ the voting, and lived  FOR FIFTY YEARS.  I am truly insulted by the way I am being treated by the Bureau of Risk and INSURANCE Management.  I would like a reply to my e-mail!  Please reply to mymom’ asap!  Thank you for your past and present attention to this matter for a Senior Citizen of Philadelphia for 50 Great Years! 

I laughed out loud at how angry it was, and almost immediately dashed out a retort – this is my version of the way the email could have been written:

Dear Mr. Martinez
My email – here is what it says

The letter that you sent
Fills me with regret

I had a little accident
I am not sure what you meant

It happened right on Cottman
I saw them smoking pot, man

Now I am not sure what to do
Since in this matter you will not pursue

“Pursue” is what I mean so it shouldn’t be in quotes
I think the same applies to any “Township Line Roads.”

I live in Beaver Hill just outside of the city
As a driver I rely on other people’s pity

Two lanes become one and I was unprepared
So when the branch fell I got kind of scared

You’re trying to put the responsibility in my lap
I am a 72-year-old woman and I won’t take that crap

I survived cancer at least 3 times
And so far I have created a hundred thousand rhymes

Check it out – because I can swear to ya
I won’t be knocking on peoples’ doors in the area

A six surgery survivor, unable to do what you request
My Mother used to keep her a change purse against her breast

Your Supervisor can find a safer better way to resolve
A situation I need your help with revolves

Around my being a resident City of Philadelphia
I lived and taught school and enjoyed some decent health in a

Manner of speaking, get up off of your ass
FOR FIFTY YEARS I voted when I got out of a class

Teaching the kids that run our city now
I’m insulted by the way you discard me and how

My kids just stand idly by
So if you wouldn’t mind can you GIVE ME A REPLY?




Love you Mom!



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