V for Vendetta

I’ve read many graphic narratives in my college years. A graphic narrative is basically a grown up comic book. Some are non-fiction narratives, some are fictional but have political views, and yes, some are superhero themed. All of them have a moral, something for the reader to take away. The most impactful graphic narrative I’ve read during my college career was V for Vendetta. It’s a story of an anarchist during a time of harsh government. He leads a revolt of the people and inspires the nation to speak against the government regime. The plot twist here is that he is masked the entire time, you don’t know his identity. This story really stuck with me because it is a story of revolution against an unfair system. It is also a story of retribution. You find out during the story that the masked vigilante had been a prisoner of war of sorts and had been tortured and had his life taken away by the government. His revolt against the government is his way of fighting back. I’m a big fan of underdogs so the fact that someone who had everything taken was able to rise back up and fight was very inspirational. I feel like there’s also a really important lesson to remember in that as a group, we have power. Even with a government that seems to be holding all the cards, if everyone bands together, it is possible to take control and do what’s right. I mean hey, depending on which way this election goes we all my need to remember that… but I digress. Being a graphic narrative made V for Vendetta easier to follow and get into because graphic narratives are like reading a movie. With such a visual generation, I think that more stories should be told with graphics. It also breaks up text so there aren’t just long paragraphs. As someone who hates the paragraph at the beginning of every chapter that sets the scene, graphic narratives allow you to just see it. I understand that this may not be for everyone, but if you are visual like me, I recommend trying graphic narratives. Also, if you like a story of revolution and retribution, V for Vendetta is for you.

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