Some Fun Fruit Comparisons

The 5 main categories of clubs/activities on DelVal campus, what kind of fruit they would be and why. Because, why not?

Sports Teams- Bananas. Bananas are a major source of energy. College athletes are often very busy, on top of school and whatever clubs they’re in, they have practice, study halls, and games. They must be able to schedule their time well and therefore need energy.

Major Related Clubs- Apples. This one is a cliché but hear me out. Major related clubs help students in their classes and add to their core of knowledge (core, get it??). These clubs can also help students network so they can find grad schools and work after DelVal. Plus, who hasn’t heard the expression, giving a teacher an apple?

Greeks- Grapes. Greek societies are all about brotherhood and sisterhood. If you are in a fraternity or sorority, you are committed to the other people in your chapter and theoretically you are supposed to be closer to them than anyone else on campus. One could say that that greeks share the same vine… ok sorry, too far. Anyway, Grapes are known for coming in a bunch and since the greeks are so tight knit, I think it works.

Interest Related Clubs- Berries. Ok, I went a little vague on this fruit type, but it’s for good reason I promise. There are a ton of different types of berries and they all have a unique taste. There are so many different interest related clubs and they are so varied. Not much connects all of them except for the title “interest related.” Whether it’s rock climbing or small livestock, there is an interested club for anyone.

Governing Organizations- Pineapple. Pineapples have crowns. Governing organizations are in charge of the clubs under them and therefore wear the crown. Greeks are under Inter-Greek Council, clubs are under Inter-club Council, etc. There can be a stigma about governing organizations that they’re tough and harsh. This mostly comes from the fact that they give out money and make the rules. But just like a pineapple, governing organizations may have a tough exterior but are sweet on the inside. The people that run the governing organizations are typically very nice and just want what’s best for the school.

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