Lion, Tigers, Bears, Oh My!

Animals are fascinating creatures.  Each have a unique indicator to set them apart from other species.  Here is a list of facts about animals that I find interesting:

  • The Chow dog is the only dog that does not have a pink tongue, it has a blue one
  • The only mammal that can fly are bats.
  • Since kangaroos use their tail for balance, if you lift their tail off the ground, they would be unable to hop.
  • Tiger stripes are like human’s finger prints. There are no tigers with the same stripe pattern.  Also, the stripes are also on their skin, not just their fur.
  • If humans could jump as tall as the Empire State building, we would be able to jump as high as a flea. Since, fleas can jump up to 200 times their height.
  • There are only three mammals that go through menopause. They are elephants, humpback whales and human females.
  • The only food that koalas usually eat are eucalyptus leaves.
  • The reason that beavers constantly chew on wood is because their teeth continually grow.
  • For every human, there are one million ants that never sleep.
  • Since male turtle’s grunt and females hiss, you can determine their gender by listening to them.
  • A lot of trees are actually planted by squirrels who forget where they hid their nuts.
  • The loudest mammal that is known to humans are humpback whales.
  • Just like tiger stripes and human finger prints, dog’s noses can be used to identify them.
  • A seahorse moves 0.01 mph which is the slowest fish that exists.
  • Pigs have around 20 vocalizations that help them communicate with each other.
  • There is only one bird that can fly backwards, which is a humming bird. They also can beat their wings 80 times per second.
  • It is impossible for bats to walk because their leg bones are too thin.
  • The only way for flamingos to eat is if their head is upside down.
  • Despite their size, hippos can run pretty fast because they can run faster than humans.
  • Despite their name, killer whales are actually a species of dolphin.
  • Humans shares 70% of our DNA with slugs and 98.4% with chimps.
  • Fireflies are basically harmless because they don’t bite and cannot carry diseases.
  • A chameleon that is blind is still able to change their color to match their environment without having to see it.
  • Starfish are capable of turning their stomachs inside out.
  • One of the reasons that dogs raise their legs while peeing, is to appear taller to other animals that walk by the spot that they urinated at.
  • An alligator does not have the ability to move backwards.
  • male tiger + female lion = tigon; male lion + female tiger = liger
  • Unlike popular belief, elephants cannot drink through their trunks.
  • Red, yellow, and green are the only colors that butterflies are able to see.
  • The average age that a female polar bear starts to have babies is four or five.



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