Cats vs. Dogs

I am here to discuss the age-old debate of which is better: dogs or cats. Let us begin.

Each is good for their own purpose. If you are looking for something more enthusiastic and loving, a dog may be your best bet. If you want something more independent, a cat may be the better option.

Let’s break it down into some simple thoughts.

Pros for cats:


They are super soft.

Litter box trained.

Affectionate, but usually on their own terms.

They are clean.

Cons for cats:

Sometimes it seems like they are plotting your death.

Claws hurt man.

Hairballs are gross.

Cat pee is found in one of the seven levels of Hell.

Cat dander, especially in male cats, can spur intense allergies.

Don’t like to travel, typically (I once watched a show where a cat traveled in his owner’s truck across the country).


Pros for dogs:

Man’s best friend, duh.

Always there for you when you need them.

Cuddle buddies.

Very social and people pleasers.

Protective and loyal to their owners.

Cons for dogs:

Stage five clingers.

Wet dog smell.

Typically need some form of training.

Usually need exercise.

Barking. Make it stop.


It basically all comes down to the type of lifestyle you want to live and the kind of commitment you are willing to make to your pet. Some people hate cats, some people hate dogs. There are some, like myself, who like both pretty equally. They both have their positives, and both have their drawbacks. I see myself owning both in the future, and I cannot wait. If you choose one of these lovely animals to be your pet, make sure to do your research and be positive this is a commitment you want to make. Pets are great, and they deserve the best from us.

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