You be the Judge

How many times have you been told not to judge someone? If you have a mother like mine, probably dozens. One part of me, doesn’t care enough to observe and mentally critique what someone does or how they do it. But then there is another part of me that twitches when someone does something or how they do that something. As a reader, you’re probably thinking “You shallow thing. Judging someone is bad!” but just keep reading. I read somewhere that “our first thought that goes through your mind is what we have been conditioned to think. What you think next defines who you are.” I love that quote because it describes the society we live in and who we are apart from it. But like any ‘rule’ there are always exceptions. I believe that there are some circumstances that you in fact need to judge someone, and hold your ground.  “What types of things should we judge on?” you might ask…well I have compiled a short, and certainly not complete, list of things that people do/how they might do something that requires you to break a friendship, ignite a new one, or let love trump the discrepancy.

  • Whether the toilet paper goes over or under
  • What side of the Ritz cracker gets spread
  • Whether they type in ‘www.’ when entering a url address
  • Whether you use your blinkers
  • If they put milk in before the cereal
  • If you shut the toilet seat lid or leave it up when you are done
  • How they eat their Oreos
  • How they eat a candy that has sub-sections (i.e. Kit-Kats or Hershey Chocolate Bars)
  • How they have ketchup with their fries: on the side or all over
  • If you peal your string cheese or bite it off the stick
  • When they omit the “H” is certain words such as Human or Huge
  • If they pronounce ‘.gif’ as ‘’jif’’
  • If they wear socks with sandals
  • How one eats corn- across in rows or around

So contrary to what you have been told, it might be okay to judge on certain areas- as long as those factors don’t take root in you and cause you actually break a friendship. It’s just one of the many ways that makes this world spin, and that’s a good thing- as long as we all agree that the salty side of Ritz get the spread!

Feel free to comment or message me with what else should be tacked on to this never-ending list!


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