My Favorite Casserole!

Are there things in life that happen to you that just make you think, “life is good?” Sometimes there are just things that happen that seem like they are meant to be. I had an example of this mid-day yesterday, fantasizing over food. My mom used to make a delicious hamburger biscuit and cheese casserole. It was one of my favorite meals. The last time my mom has ever made this meal was probably close to eight years ago. Long enough that I have completely forgot about this meal for years.

So at 2:00 pm yesterday and I was sitting in class, and I just happened to look over next to me and my good friend Harry was watching a video of this guy making this calzone filled with cheese, hamburger meat, and that alone brought back the sweet memory of my moms hamburger biscuit and cheese casserole. I sat there for a couple minutes fantasying about it, and then I pulled out my phone, and was about to text my mom. “mom, please make the hamburger, biscuit and cheese casserole for dinner.” But it was the middle of class so I put my phone away without sending the text.

Well the day went on and I completely forgot about it, and when I arrived home late in the afternoon I came up to my house. When I came up to the door I was surprised to see my fiancé standing there and even more surprisingly she was standing there with a bowl of my moms homemade hamburger, biscuit and cheese casserole! It was the craziest thing that has happened to me in a while. Does God know our hearts desires? The chances of that sequence of events happening are probably to small to calculate. I don’t really have an answer, not many things leave me speechless especially not a bowl of casserole. The only answer I have is that God is good, and knows each of our hearts desires!

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