More Cowbell…and milkshakes!

I’ve always heard that Homecoming weekend is something special, but being the introvert I am, I never experienced the hype until this past week. The Homecoming committee planned a fun-packed week leading up to and including Homecoming. In case you’ve missed any of the events, there were window painted displays, hand-spun milkshakes, decorating cowbells, campfires, a parade, a pep-rally, a football game, and the dance. Holy moley, am I right? Now, having participated in all the festivities of the week, a personal favorite was what took place on Wednesday, October 12: Milkshakes and Cowbells.

From 7-9 p.m. Moumgis was packed with excited students who were filling up on free milkshakes and becoming covered in paint. The line quickly tailed out of the building and tickets were handed out to the first 500 who walked through the door, which got them a paint splattered-look cup as a keepsake. Chocolate was an obvious top choice as they had an abundance of vanilla waiting to be taken, but the Dairy Society did a great job spinning both flavors and keeping up with the hungry queue migrating up toward the table.

Once they were slurping on their dairy delight, students were able to pick up a miniature cowbell and decorate it. An annual favorite, at least for me, brings out the artistic charm in all, whether you have that charm or not! Most garnished their keepsake with ‘2016’, but certainly were not limited to, as some decorated with foam stickers or painted club initials/abbreviations, room numbers, animal prints, or simple shapes with the many colors available.

With long tables stretching down the room, and paint covering the white table cloths, fingers, and shirts, the night was a great way to talk to your neighbor and meet someone new- I sure did!

Homecoming week is everything people said it would be, and more. If you’ve missed it this year, well, don’t next year, because for nothing else: FREE MILKSHAKES!


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