Life Without a Belt

Being a college student is obviously a very stressful time in any person’s life. Especially in a small institution like Delaware Valley University (DelVal), there is a lot of pressure on students to succeed. I don’t mean this in a negative way, I’ve learned a lot from this school and grown as a leader. It’s easy to become a leader at DelVal as there are over 70 clubs and organizations to join and be a part of, all of which are looking for executive members. At small schools, one opportunity leads to another and you are able to make a lot of connections. With all of these opportunities and connections comes more responsibility and more stress. This came to a breaking point with me last year. I had overwhelmed myself with three honor societies (one of which I was executive member), three clubs (two of which I was exec), and two jobs. Oh and I guess I forgot to mention a full course load complete with internship. I am by no means bragging, this load pushed down on my every day and there were multiple times where I did indeed crack from pressure. I also want to make it clear that I am not alone in this. Every college student that I have ever met has at one time or another, taken on too much responsibility. Between class, clubs, sports, friends, boyfriends, and Netflix, it can definitely be hard to fit everything into 24 hours. The stress one feels in college is almost like not wearing a belt when your pants are just a little too big. No matter what you do, whether you’re sitting, walking, standing still, whatever, your pants are going to start to fall down. You end up pulling your pants up continuously only to have them fall back down. This was the feeling I would get when I had too much on my plate, weighed down and unable to get away from all of my responsibilities. This may seem like an odd analogy, I only thought of it myself because I forgot to wear a belt today but it definitely holds true. We all feel weighed down sometimes and it seems that no matter what we do, the feeling won’t go away. What’s important to remember is that the feeling isn’t permanent. Just like your pants will stop falling once you but a belt on, the stress you feel will eventually be lifted once you power through your responsibilities. Also, there are always other outlets you can go to like mentors and friends to help you relieve stress or even just listen to you vent. College is not easy but it’s also not permanent and I think through my own stress, I’ve found that remembering this is the best way to power through.

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