Homecoming Bonfire

The Homecoming bonfire is held annually during the week prior to homecoming. It is held at the Market in the evening and features s’mores, fire, and this year, free t-shirts. The shirts were definitely what made this year’s bonfire a success. With 500+ students in attendance, this year’s bonfire was the most crowded I’ve ever seen. We ran through 350 shirts in only 30 minutes, having to turn people away from the table. Even without the shirts, the bonfire is always a loved tradition. I think what makes it special is that larger schools wouldn’t be able to do it as successfully. Having 500 people is great with lots of mingling but also room to move around. If a large institution held an event like this, they’d need a lot more fire and supplies to be able to handle the number of students that would attend and it would probably be harder to organize and run well. Also, I’ve had people tell me that the bonfire is a good way to get back to our roots. Having wagon rides and a relaxing, farmer’s market atmosphere is reminiscent of our agriculture roots as the National Farm School. What better way to celebrate the school than paying homage to where we came from. I personallu like the bonfire because it’s simple. Food and friends and fire. That’s it. Nothing fancy. Also, fires are something most people enjoy with family and friends so it fit well with this year’s homecoming theme “DelVal Means Family”. Overall, the bonfire is a 9 on my scale. Everyone seems to have a good time and enjoy the distraction at the end of a hectic school week. Traditions are really important to me and this is a tradition I hope continues.

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