Wynonna Earp

Wynonna Earp is a television show that is based on a comic book and aired on the Syfy channel.  It is all about Wynonna who is the great granddaughter of Wyatt Earp.  Wyatt Earp was a sheriff deputy that worked in the town Purgatory and killed 77 outlaws.  There was a curse that was put on the first born Earp in every generation to kill the outlaws Wyatt Earp killed with his gun, called Peacemaker.  The outlaws are revenants that come back to life and are stuck in Purgatory. If the heir shoots all the outlaws between the eyes with Peacemaker, the curse is broken.  If the first born heir is killed before all the revenants are killed, then they all come back to life for the next heir to kill.  Wynonna Warp, the first born heir, has the help of her little sister Waverly, a Black Op Agent Xavier Dolls, and Wyatt’s old friend Doc Holliday to kill the outlaws and break the curse.

Wynonna Earp is a clash between a western and a thriller plot.  Each episode builds on the ever growing list of questions about how this curse is going to play out.  Wynonna Earp is a very relatable female lead character.  She is very complex and driven to break the curse once and for all.  Sometimes she relies too heavily on alcohol, but you would too if you were responsible for accidently shooting your father.  When she was younger, some revenants came to her home and kidnapped Wynonna’s older sister Willa and their father.  Since, at the time, Wynonna was not the true heir, Peacemaker would not fire correctly when she shot it.  So accidently when Wynonna tried to kill the revenants kidnapping them, the bullet killed their father instead.  This moment is a very defining moment for Wynonna’s character.  She basically went crazy afterwards and was forced into therapy.  Wynonna left the town of Purgatory leaving Waverly by herself because it reminded her too much of her past.  Since she abandoned Waverly there is a little tension between the sisters when Wynonna returns.  Overall the relationship between the two sisters is based on love.  Wynonna is very protective of Waverly and doesn’t really want Waverly involved in the shootings.  Although Waverly can take care of herself, Wynonna has to save her multiple times from the revenants.

This probably does not need to be said but there are spoilers ahead.  The show has so many plot twists that it keeps you guessing.  For example, in one episode Wynonna gets trapped in a convent and helps to rescue the girls in there.  All of the girls get to be reunited with their family, except one girl who didn’t remember her life before getting captured.  It turns out that the girl is actually Willa, the older sister of Wynonna and Waverly.  As it turns out, Bobo who it the leader of the revenants, brought Willa there for an unknown reason.  This obviously brought more questions, like why Bobo didn’t kill Willa when he kidnapped her.  This is what is really clever of the show.  It gives you satisfaction of finally answering your questions but it gives you more to ponder over.  It does not leave the viewers frustrated because all the questions aren’t getting answered.

The show also has really good LGBTQ+ representation.  Waverly Earp met a police officer named Nicole Haught, who is an out lesbian.  Throughout the first season, Waverly was questioning her sexuality after meeting Nicole.  Waverly breaks up with her boyfriend Champ because she finally realizes that she deserves more.  Waverly and Nicole finally get together and all of the fans were extremely excited.  They were happy that there was not a big coming out speech, it just kind of happened.  A ground breaking plot twist was that queer character was not killed right after they had a happy moment.  Wynonna, Waverly, and Nicole were held at gunpoint by Willa.  Willa wanted the Peacemaker from Wynonna and threatened to shoot Nicole in order to get it.  At this time Wynonna was completely clueless about the relationship between Waverly and Nicole (which is a really big inside joke among fans, which was that Waverly could kiss Nicole right in front of Wynonna and she still would not get it).  In this moment, Waverly declares her love for Nicole in order to save her because Wynonna was torn between not giving Willa the gun.  Even though Willa got the gun, she still shot Nicole to slow them down.  Fortunately, Nicole was wearing a bulletproof vest, which was the ground breaking plot twist.  Finally, a bulletproof vest for the lesbians!  For more on this topic read my other article titled “Reshop Heda.” (https://flaskatdelval.wordpress.com/2016/10/17/reshop-heda/).  This show could really give other writers a new and better way to write LGBTQ+ characters.

Anyone who likes a western thriller with a lot of mystery will really love this show.  This show is really good for men and women because there is romance and action.  There is plenty of humor to keep you laughing.  There are plot twists that will keep you guessing through every twists and turn.  The LGBTQ+ fandom have representation that is safe and healthy.  The characters are all complex with many layers.  Wynonna Earp is a must watch tv series for anyone that needs a new show to binge watch.  Soon the second season will be out and you should catch up on the first season so that you can enjoy the second season with the rest of the fans

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