Aggies Baseball Player Nate Cummings

I’ve heard it from many of sources over time, that parents are the biggest inspiration and the number one reason that kids play sports at a young age. Its something that I have experienced personally in my life, and as I interviewed Jeremy Hefele last week I found that to be his case too. So this week I decided to interview another teammate of mine to find out if this is the case for most athletes. I interviewed right fielder and relief pitcher for Delaware Valley Universities baseball team Nate Cummings. Nate is a senior at Delval majoring in business administration.

(Me) “When did you begin playing sports, baseball in particular?”

(Nate) “I began playing sports at a young age, it was something that I started doing at the age of five or six and then kept going from there.”

(Me) “What made you want to start playing sports at such a young age?”

(Nate) “My dad used to play ball with me when I was really young and I really enjoyed so both my parents decided to get me involved, and put me on a baseball team.”

(Me) “Do you have any future plans with baseball, would you like to stay involved with it?”

(Nate) “I really enjoy playing baseball but I think after this year I’m alright with hanging up the cleats. I’m planning on doing something with business and would like to manage people one day. I’ve been coaching youth baseball teams for the past couple of summers and I enjoy coaching it just as much as I like playing. So I like coaching and I like managing people so maybe there will be a coaching career down the road for me!”

After interviewing Nate I realized that parents have a huge influence on their kids and how much they’re involved with sports. I believe sports are good for kids because it teaches them, teamwork, discipline, and leadership at a young age. I don’t have a problem with parents influencing their kids to get involved I just found it interesting enough to interview two athletes about it.

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