What happened to The 4 Second Rule of Driving?

One thing that I can’t stand, is when people follow me close when I’m driving. I have had numerous encounters this week where a driver was riding no further than 10 feet from my rear bumper. This ticks me off for two reasons. Number one, its one of the most selfish things you can do, and number two, its almost like the driver wants me to get out of my car and fight them. And these two things are what inspired me to write this blog.

As I was driving home from school yesterday, I noticed that this lady was following me no more than 10 feet from my bumper, literally. If I would have hit the brakes just a tap, she would have had no chance of stopping before ramming me in the back. This made me really angry because I was going the speed limit. And then I get to a school zone where the speed limit was 15 mph. All I can say is that was an awkward 20 seconds. And then she did what I thought was impossible, she got even closer to me! I watched her in my rear view mirror, and she looked at me. With a look like she wanted to get out her car and throw fists at me.

Driving that close for whatever reason is a selfish thing to do. I don’t care what her problem was, you don’t take it out on other people on the streets, I get it, we have our moments, but you don’t put other people in danger.

Secondly, the fact that she had that look on her face that she wanted to fight me, actually made me chuckle. It also made me go even slower. Somebody with that much anger behind the wheel should actually get pulled over in my opinion. If you ever find yourself in front of somebody who follows you that close, please, do not give them what they want. Keep doing what your doing, go the speed limit, be bold, and let them learn a little something called patience. It’s a great value to have and many people behind the wheel need it!



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