Me, My Sister, and My Bro-in-law

Once upon a time I moved to Pennsylvania, Perkasie to be more specific. Since this is a lengthy story with details that require sub-stories, let’s fast forward to the fact that my sister and I got an apartment together and subsequently live approximately 15 feet apart, thankfully in separate rooms. Just like the ‘good old days’ of childhood, with the added benefit of no parents. So there we were: happily decorating, binge watching shows, and only seldom bickering about washing dishes or drying the bathroom after showering. Then along came Jake.

Jake and Hillary quickly became swoon for each other, and skipping ahead to June 2016, they are now engaged, with two months until the wedding and I am desperately searching for an apartment of my own. But because no one will rent to a college kid, and for only four months, luck was not on my side, leaving me to come to terms with the inevitable. And here we are, October 2016- all three of us, in a shoebox sized apartment.

People are very judgmental about it, even after I explain to them what took place; in my defense, I lived there before him. I mean, look, it’s not the ideal situation, for any of us, but luckily we all get along (most of the time). And I could easily write a blog on how what sucks about it- starting with no hot water, the smells, and there never being an empty washing machine, but I’m not going to. There are actually some beneficial things about living with my sister and brother-in-law.

  • Game night: Living with just one other person, our game selection was pretty limited. Now with three people, and frequent visitors for family dinners, we have a whole shelf full of games that we break out on the weekly! Unfortunately, introducing a new game can be a risk because some people get too competitive for our low-key nature, so we stick to the basics.
  • Family Dinners: Knowing that I am in charge of picking up the buns for burgers for when a group of friends are coming over is so much easier than cooking a whole meal. Everyone brings part of the meal, whether its chips, drinks, macaroni salad, or even ice makes it easy in all of us and we all cut costs of what it would be if we went out to a restaurant or something.
  • TV shows- We all have our own personal shows that we watch by ourselves but in those two and a half hours between dinner and when we all turn in (we go to bed quite early) we all are congregating in the living room watching a show that we all seem to agree on. We don’t go ahead without at least one other person there, and we all add commentary to the show. The only downside is finding a new show once we complete a series. (Suggestions always welcome).
  • Scapegoats: For no other reason that I love living with them, is we all use each other as scapegoats. Now I shouldn’t be writing this because then it won’t be a secret, but if we’re ever caught in a situation that we don’t want to do something (like meet an old acquaintance for dinner) we break out the family card. Whether Jake says he needs to work on my car, I need to pick Hillary up from work, or that Hillary and Jake are having dinner, having each other at our disposal is phenomenal. And you can’t really do that with regular roommates.
  • Judgement-free zone- Best of all, we don’t care. Not that we don’t care about each other, but we don’t care what someone does. You need to belch? We’ll rate it. You let one rip? We will make gagging noises and call you nasty. You’ve been in the same sweatpants and t-shirt for 3 days? Cool, we’ve been in ours for 2 days too.

These are some of the things that I never would have expected living with an in-law. Some days I still call my mom telling her I am coming home for the weekend because I have just about had it with them. But there’s a silver lining in every situation. For now, my costs are cut in thirds, we have some great inside jokes, and it’s nice to have another body in the apartment.

Because things could be far, far worse than they are.

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