Reaching for the Mirror Ball

Dancing with the Stars is a TV show that is a competition between different favorite celebrities.  Each celebrity is paired with a pro dancer and they are taught different types of dancing styles trying to win the Mirror Ball trophy.



  1. Gives everyone (no matter their race, sexuality, disability, etc) the chance to dance. Some examples are Noah Galloway (Army soldier who lost half his arm and his leg), Amy Purdy (had Neisseria meningitis that caused both her legs to be amputated), Terra Jole (stars in Little Women), and more.
  2. The pros and celebrities truly become a family during the period of the show. The pros and celebrities are supportive of other teams even if they are in a competition with each other.  There is not a lot of drama that happens.
  3. The pros are really passionate dancers and love what they do. They dedicate their lives to this show by coming back each year.  They even have other live shows on stages across the country.
  4. All three of my roommates watch this show so we all bond over the show. We all root on our favorite couples.  We also get mad over the people we don’t like who made it past elimination.
  5. I love seeing all of the beautiful and brightly colored outfits. The outfits are always so fun and colorful.  I am so jealous that they are able to pull off the beautiful outfits.
  6. I am fascinated by the routes and how intricate the steps are. If you give me a sport to play I am pretty coordinated but when it comes to dancing I feel like a baby deer learning how to walk.
  7. I love seeing my favorite pros and celebrities succeed.



  1. Even though the judges vote, the people hold more power. This means that sometimes the people who are better dancers gets voted off the show because they didn’t get enough viewer votes
  2. They are moving away from traditional ballroom with more flashy numbers (although this is not always a bad thing)
  3. The same pros tend to win every year. A big example of this is Derek who has won six times while other pros haven’t won at all.  I feel like he always gets the better dancers because he has been on the show a long time.
  4. There are controversial celebrities that are asked to join the show (exhibit A- Ryan Lochte)

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