Homecoming Windows

The window painting Homecoming tradition may seem silly but it is actually really refreshing to see so much school spirit. For those of you who don’t know what I’m talking about, each year various clubs and organizations (“orgs”) each paint a window of the Student Center to represent the Homecoming theme for that year. For about two weeks, the windows are filled with bright paints and designs depicting DelVal pride. This year’s theme is “DelVal Means Family” so there are a lot of windows with hand prints and quotes about family. Some groups have also done spin offs of the alumni theme “Ohana Means Family” (in honor of Dr. Gallo) by doing Hawaiian or Lilo and Stitch themed windows. Either way, it is a great way to show support for the school and to get clubs and orgs more involved on campus. My favorite thing about the windows is when they represent the clubs as well. For example, the Dance Team had rams in hula skirts and the Student Programming Board had a yellow brick road to the Homecoming Dance with the theme, “There’s no place like home”. Another great thing about the windows is that it’s free advertising for the club (supplies are provided) so they can potentially gain more membership for their club which increases involvement of campus as a whole (YAY!) And while the windows are a fun and creative way to represent Homecoming and the theme, it goes even deeper than that. The windows are a way for students at DelVal to express how they personally see DelVal. This self- expression is a look at how students see themselves within the community as well as the community itself. We aren’t given the opportunity for this self-reflection very often, so it is interesting to see what is depicted by each club.

I’m definitely biased in my love for the Homecoming windows and Homecoming itself. As Homecoming chair, I’ve dedicated months trying to get all the pieces together and the windows going up are the first sign that all the hard work is paying off. Although not all the windows will be filled this year, participation has gone down for some reason, there are still a lot of windows to look at and I highly recommend taking a look at them when they are all up next week.

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