Family Jammies

During this time of political debate and clown hysteria, I think we should all take a step back and remember what’s important. For me, the most important thing in the world is my family. I think family in general is a really important part of life. The structure of families effects what kind of person you are going to be and to an extent, how you see the world. Families are also a huge support system and typically are the people you relate to the most. Now by family, I don’t necessarily mean people that are related to you. Whether it’s a traditional family or a chosen family, the sentiment is still the same. To better explain what I’m getting at here, I want to tell a story. This past Christmas, the Hall clan gathered at my family’s house for Christmas festivities. My grandparents were happy because all of their living children and half of their grandchildren were in attendance. Our family get- togethers are anything but formal occasions. I guess I’d describe them as cozy. We all gather around the family room and sit and joke and tell stories and dinner is about the same story. The best part of this year came when it came time to open gifts. Normally, it’s the standard routine, pass out all of the gifts, open, and share our new treasures. Although this year started the same, it took a slight turn. My grandparents wanted to get something for the five grandkids plus my sister’s fiancé and cousin’s girlfriend who were in attendance that day and have both basically become family. My aunt had the wonderful idea of getting us all a pair of pajamas. Now let me tell you, when I first opened up my pajamas, they looked like the comfiest PJs in the world, so naturally I had to try them on. Well I wasn’t wrong, they are the comfiest PJs in the world (I’m wearing them now). And of course when I put them on, everyone had to put their pajamas on and ta-da, family jammies. As I sit here and reflect on this, the best part wasn’t the pajamas or the subsequent photo shoot (although the pictures are priceless), it was the fact that my grandparents were so excited that their presents were a hit. For them, just seeing us all enjoy the gifts they thoughtfully picked out for each of us was the best part of their day. And, at least for me, having the opportunity to show our appreciation for the gifts in a fun way was what made it special. I guess that’s what I’m trying to get at here. Although this world is a dark and often dismal place, there are still opportunities to bring joy to the people you love most and make the day a little better for them. Whether it be having a photo shoot to make your grandparents laugh or just being in the presence of family, it’s important to remember that these moments still matter and that they have value. It’s like what we read about in that article; there is a lot of chaos in the world, but as long as we can find the moments that have meaning, we’ll be able to navigate this world just a little bit easier.

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