Local Boy Jeremy Hefele

The man that I had the privileged of interviewing this week is Jeremy Hefele. If you do not know, he is a starting pitcher on the baseball team for your Delaware Valley Aggies. He is entering his junior year this year majoring in business Administration. When I started the interview I found out after the first question what a small world it really is. When I asked him where he grew up and played baseball I found out that he grew up no further than 20 minutes from my home town. He grew up and still lives in Southampton Pa, and he went to William Tennant high school where he also played baseball.

I asked him how long he has been playing baseball for and what motivated him to start playing and I found out again, what a small world it is, as his answer was very similar to mine.

“I started playing baseball for fun when I was around three years old, and then I officially started playing for a league when I was six.” And my parents motivated and got me into baseball at a really young age and I’ve been playing ever since. I have always loved the game and I hope to keep playing it in the future.”

After interviewing Jeremy I found out that my fellow teammate is very similar to me in many ways. He has a love for the game, as do I, and we both plan on playing as long as we are able.


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