Keep those standards high

The other day, I was told by a romantic interest that he felt threatened by the fact that my standards for a potential partner were so high, that they only encouraged failure. Hmm. Does that sound like a cop out to you?

Knowing this man for the past year of my life, I can most emphatically ensure you that it is, in fact, a cop out. He is not the “relationship” type, and tried to persuade me that he has changed for the better. It seems as though he has not, and left me with the comforting statement that I opened this blog with. Why does my shitty romantic interest matter to you though? Here’s why.

I almost fell for him again. I almost let myself change my mentality just so I could keep him around. This, my friends, is not me. My standards are high for a reason. I have been in good relationships; I have been in bad relationships. I am thankful for all that I have learned in my twenty years of life, but I know there is an infinite universe of things I don’t know. I liked the idea of this man in my life, not the actual man himself. I don’t need to be dragged down by the negativity that would no doubt surround us if a relationship was ever pursued.

What I want you to take out of this rant is this: keep those standards high. Stay true to your values and all of those beliefs that you hold near and dear. Never ever let someone demean them or make it seem like you are doing something wrong just because you’re doing something that they don’t want you to.

Stay true to that golden heart of yours. Yes this is a super sappy message and one that is over used, but I am so freaking tired of seeing friends, family, and even strangers go through this unending cycle of hurt. Don’t change yourself for anyone. Just be a good human. Love your friends. Respect your parents. Treat others how you want to be treated; you know the drill. It’s been engrained in most of our heads since we were munchkins.

Keep your head high and heart open. Some lessons we have to learn ourselves, others we can learn form those around us. Please learn this one from me and keep your standards as high as you want.

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