Dear Future Self…

Dear Future Self,

A teacher once told me, “You are meant to be here.  You are valid.”  I feel like these words can really help you as you start this new job.  You have to understand that even when things in your life are piling up, you are going to be ok.  Take a deep breath and relax.  I know this is easier said than done, but it is really important to follow.  These hard and stressful days, that you feel like you don’t belong, are leading you to your passion.  When you feel like you are surrounded by people that have a higher education than you, don’t freak out.  Use these people to learn and grow.  Believe it or not but they all were once in your shoes.  YOU ARE NOT ALONE!  Make sure that you enjoy your life.  Stay connected with your friends from your past. But don’t forget to make new friends.  Put yourself out there and be a social butterfly.  Step out of your comfort zone.

I feel like these words really help me in the future because before I know it, I will be graduating.  It’s scary to think that soon I will be out in the “real world.”  It seems like yesterday that I was this little freshman going off to college.  I know that in the future I will feel inadequate and will need these reassuring words to help get me through s tough time.

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