Hare, The Hammer, Harry Hancock

Hare, The Hammer, Harry, and even Hare Bear, who’s this you ask? Harrison Oliver Hancock.  Being in his senior year as a Media and Communications major with a minor in Business Administration has kept this young man busy throughout his time at DelVal. Some of what he has been and is involved in is being the Vice President of the Drama Club, Treasurer of the Inter-Club Council, and an active member of Colleges Against Cancer, but hands down is most proud of being the Founder and President of the Podcast Club.

Becoming official in January 2016, the Podcast Club has quickly grown in popularity amongst students, departments, and other clubs on campus. Members record themselves ahead of time, talking on a subject of their choosing, which is then posted online on their Youtube and Facebook page. The major’s lack of courses in broadcasting and the fact that there was not a club of the sort already at DVU was the fuel behind Harry’s drive to start the club up.

With all of his experience and involvement that DVU has donned him with, Hancock hopes to either go in to broadcasting or take over the family business and become a funeral director, both of which are worthwhile choice.

As he finishes up school this year, there are some things that he will enjoy reminiscing on. For starters, classes involving media (so anything with Doug McCambridge) or classes with Dr. O’Connor where the first amendment is talked about are and will always be his favorite classes. Like most graduates, he is going to miss friends, professors, memories, and his overall time here at DVU, but leaves the following advice:

“Stay golden pony boy. Don’t eat yellow snow. Take classes with Doug. If life gives you lemons, make apple juice and have people wonder how you did it. Get involved- specifically with the Podcast Club.”

So if you’re looking to voice your opinion, go in to broadcasting, or just want to be involved with more clubs relating to media and communications, email Harry and tell him I sent you! (hancockho6241@delval.edu)


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