Road Trip

I am so excited!  Today my friend, aka my twin, and I were jokingly discussing going on a road trip once we graduated.  Then the scenario got more and more detailed and started to sound more like solid plans.  It was then that we realized that we were not joking and were both completely serious.  We talked about going around the country to see different National Parks and Zoos.  I always had the dream of seeing as many National Parks as possible.  The reason we started talking about going on a road trip because we were talking to a man that was going to go around the country seeing National Parks.  We even went so far as to started looking for RVs to rent or finding cheaper hotels.  Furthermore, we both called our moms to ask them what they thought of this idea.  Both of them sort of approved of the idea! Haha. My mom basically said that as long as we get a more solid plan into works, she will be fine with us going around the country.  They also made us promised that we call them every day to keep them informed on what we were doing.  She trusts us to keep each other safe while we travel the country.

I cannot wait until I start this journey with my twin.  We already gave each other a small job of helping to plan this road trip.  My job is to look into finding some of the more famous national parks that we could stop at.  Her job is to figure out the price of the RV rentals and/or the overall price of the hotels to see which option is cheaper.  We already tentatively decided that we wanted to start this road trip in August of next year.  We also decided that we would take about one month to complete the road trip.  We even decided that we wanted to document our journey so that later on we could look back at the memories that we made.

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