Live Your Dreams

Remember when you were a kid and you thought that you could be anything in the world? What was it that sparked those passions for you? I always wanted to be a professional athlete. One thing I noticed over time is that there are a lot of people that will tell you, you cant do something. Or, that dream is unrealistic! That one really gets me… Who can say what is realistic or not? Don’t let anybody tell you that you cant do something or that your not good enough. The number one reason somebody would put you down like that is, one, they themselves failed in life to be what they dreamed of being. And number, two, they themselves have let other people tell them in life what they can and cannot do. There are roots to everything and the reason somebody would tell you, you cant do something is because they themselves have experienced failure, and disappointment in life. We tend to carry and hold in things that have effected us in life and those things that we hold onto radiate off of us! So stick to your dreams, God can lead you in whatever your doing in life! Stick to it, and don’t let anybody tell you what you can and cannot do, don’t let other people control you, don’t let other people live your life, live out your passion, and let your passion radiate off you wherever you go. I was told in eighth grade by my teacher that I would never be able to play a college sport, he said its not realistic, he said other athletes are bigger stronger and better. And now I’m a senior in college and have played baseball all four year! Work hard, be thankful, be happy, be satisfied, and thank God for the passions He puts in our hearts, and lastly, pursue them!!

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