I am not a makeup artist, or know what I am talking about when it comes to comparing and contrasting makeup, heck, I can barely get my act together to run a brush through my hair everyday never mind mascara on the lashes or foundation to cover a blemish, so I beg of you that you do not continue reading with the assumption that I will be reviewing this brand with great cosmetic knowledge.

Although they have been around since 2004, e.l.f. (eyes, lips, face) is becoming increasing popular for a number of great reasons, only two of which I will focus on.

First and foremost, e.l.f. has great prices. A majority of products are $1, $3, or $6. College students and those alike are huge fans of these great deals, because it is actually decent quality stuff for less than $10 a pop. However, as someone who has been a consumer of their products, I have notices a jump in their prices within the past three years. (After some research, I can’t find any real reason why).

Second of all, e.l.f. is gluten free. Now, you might be reading this and think “well obviously makeup is gluten free”- but no. So my best friend has celiac disease, which in short means that she cannot touch, consume or even be around anything with gluten (like any disease this differs from case to case). Anyway, long story short, when something is marked “gluten free” it can still have a trace or certain percentage of gluten in it, and weird things that you think shouldn’t have gluten, can- like makeup. Well, e.l.f. is one of the few products that doesn’t contain a trace of gluten which means she’s able to use as much as she wants. Maybe it’s because she’s my best friend and I get excited for small victories when it comes to her disease, but nonetheless I think it is awesome what companies are doing for people with an array of diseases like celiac.

So while it is considerably cheap in price compared to other brands of makeup, e.l.f.’s quality succeeds its increasing price, along with its many brand benefits including being gluten free (and animal cruelty free) make it a great product all in all.

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