Not your typical college football game recap

I am in no way a sports fanatic, but I really do enjoy some good football. I don’t follow it religiously or know every technical term, but I do like coming together with a large group of people, all wanting the same result. A win. Yesterday, September 24th, 2016, the Delaware Valley University Aggies acquired their first loss of the season against the Albright College Lions. It started off with the Lions setting the tone with the first play of the game being a touch down.

I was a little upset. I knew how seriously most of the guys took the game, and I knew what their reactions would be.

Division III football is very interesting to watch, at least in my opinion, and especially at DelVal. Here, you can see players who take their sport extremely seriously, and some even harbor dreams of eventually going on to go professional. You see them in your Intro to Fine arts class or bond over how much you hate the dining hall food.

Here I was thinking we would blow Albright out of the water, much like we have been doing for our other games, winning easily by double digits. That was not the case though, as we lost it in the last minute, the score becoming 20-17. Our defense though, had a pretty good game, with them being on the field for most of the time.

There was a lot of back and forth between the two teams, the Aggies scoring a touchdown here, the Lions scoring a touchdown there. They only won by a field goal.

Being friends with some of the starters on the team, I listened to a lot of what they were saying after the game to see where their heads were. Quite simply, they were livid. The general consensus was that they were disappointed in their performance, as they played down to the other team’s level.

My dear friend and fellow Delaware Valley University junior John Walsh and offensive lineman eloquently said, “It wasn’t the outcome that we wanted but we’ll persevere and come back even stronger next week.” It was a hard loss, but I was generally impressed with how the guys reacted with poise after the defeat.

Keep your head up boys; it’s only one game.

My view of the game on Saturday, September 24th at home against the Albright College Lions. Look at all the little munchkins. image1.jpeg

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