9/11 Heroes Run

Today I ran the Travis Manion Foundation 9/11 Heroes Run with the Delaware Valley University team.  Delaware Valley University is a Gold Sponsor to this foundation.  There were booths at the start of the race with the different sponsors of the foundation.  Some of the other sponsors was the Holiday House, and orthopedics, a radio station, and more.  A couple of the field hockey girls and I participated the 5k together.  This was my second 5k run that I participated in.  It felt good to represent Del Val at an event like this.  The wrestling, girls’ lacrosse, girls’ basketball, and other sport teams from Delaware Valley University participated in this 5k.  The path the runners took was a pretty easy to follow which was helpful because then we wouldn’t get lost.  We were slightly confused in the beginning because there was a 1 mile run and the 5k run happening at the same time. Each run had different starting lines to try and separate the runners into smaller groups.  The starting line for the 5k run was still so packed, that it was really hard to start running until the pack thinned out.  I would definitely participate in this 5k run next year if my schedule allows me.

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