Hack or Yack?

Alright let’s get one thing straight- just because you can, doesn’t mean you should. If you’re on Facebook, you can’t escape all the life hacks that pop up every few scrolls. Now I’m one to save money where I can and to create something out of another thing if it works and is simple enough- but there’s a limit.

For example, the other day I was watching one of those videos and it was called “Life Hacks with Hangers”, which was all about what you can do with a wire hanger. Some of them started interesting, such as a plant holder that can be hung from a tree, but it quickly took a left turn. Some of these things were so absurd, like making a belt holder, plate and mugs holder, a bag holder, and even a toothbrush holder.

It’s not just the videos that are going viral, Pinterest is packed with these recycled knick-knacks. I went on and typed in “recycle” into the search bar. And within one scroll of my mouse, there were five things to do with a used soda bottle. One of these things was a coin purse made to look like an apple. Breaking this down, the materials you need are: 2 soda bottles, pipe cleaners, construction paper, a zipper, spray paint, and heavy duty glue. Call me crazy, but for half the price, you could have gone to any number of stores, found a coin purse saving you both money and time. Where I’m from, we get money for our recyclables, so I’d rather get my ten cents, than spend five dollars in supplies.

But don’t let this blog fool you into thinking I am anti-Pinterest, anti-crafts, anti-upcycling, or anti-ecofriendly, because I am all for those types of things- after all, I make jewelry from used ammunition brass. Maybe I’m getting too nit-picky, or am just not a fan of extra trinket clutter, maybe I only ever did crafts and upcycling things with a purpose, nonetheless I think this is getting out of hand. And I’m aware that some of these crafts are for kids, but not all of them.  You’re an adult, so make your apartment look like an adult decorated the place, not a kindergartener. I guess what I’m saying is, if you are that desperate, there are many different things that you can do to substitute a DIY hanger craft. Use an old cup for your tooth brushes, throw the belts in a box, bin, or drawer. Yes, lets save the environment by reusing and recycling things, but let’s put a cap on it and use our best judgement. Just because we can, we need to think whether or not we should. So go out there and change a picture frame into a rustic jewelry holder, and let’s stray from making a milk carton a bookend for the bookshelf.

So here’s a recap for you all:


Yes! This is okay! It’s purposeful, and chic. It’s a good display of all your jewelry.


This is not okay. Go down to your local thrift store, support your community, and buy a mug or creamer pitcher. Not clothes pins and a tuna can. Come on.

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