Criminal Minds

Criminal Minds is the most disturbing crime show I’ve ever seen and yet I love it. People always ask how I can love such a dark show and I’m not going to lie, I can’t sleep home alone at night, I hate walking in the woods in groups smaller than 3-4, and when I get in my car at night I always check the backseat first and then lock the door once I’m in. That’s right, the show is that scary. The really terrifying thing about it is that the victims are not being killed (usually) by people they know who have a vendetta against them. The premise of the show is that there are hundreds serial killers in the world looking for random people to kill. That means that at any point, you could come across one and match their “type” and then you might as well be dead. You may think I’m exaggerating but literally no group of people are excluded from the victim list over the seasons. Male, female, black, white, Mexican, old, young, it really does not matter. The unsubs (bad guys) also come in different shapes and sizes as well. The middle class dad from the burbs, the immigrant woman who was wronged, the kid from foster care, the kid from a rich home with emotional issues, the girl who was raped, the girl who’s actually a man but has MPD this list never ends. Sometimes I think that the writers sit in front of a white board of words and just throws darts to see what they come up with.

The thing that makes the show so loveable, because it’s obviously not the PTSD of watching it, is the FBI agents, the series regulars. They’re the reason to watch the show. The characters are so well written and so full of heart that you can’t help but love them. My favorite parts of the show are when we get a glance at their lives outside of them job. It’s also really great to see how much they support each other and care about each other both in and out of the job. I’m not going to lie, there was the briefest of seconds while watching this show that I wanted to work for the Behavioral Analysis Unit too. The show tests your mind and forces you to see connections. They way they figure out who the unsub is an elaborate puzzle of evidence both physical and behavioral. This show is unlike any other because they use logic the way other detective shows don’t. They look at the crime scene less for physical traces and more for how the unsub did it. How would the unsub have to be built to pull it off? What’s the significance of anything left behind? They use human behavior to solve their crimes which I personally find fascinating.


I would give this show a 9. It is captivating and mentally stimulating and very different from anything else you’ll watch. There are some episodes that get too wordy or move to fast, but that’s the way with any crime show. I’d say if you have a strong stomach and a love for a good crime show, give it a chance. I promise, it will be unlike any other you’ll see on TV.

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