What Alpha Phi Omega means to a member

This interview was answered by Alison who is a member of the fraternity Alpha Phi Omega.

What/Who made you join Alpha Phi Omega?

I did a lot of service in high school, and it has always been important to my family. I wanted a group on campus that I fit in with that upheld the same values that I did. APO happened to be everything I wished for, and it just so happened that two upper classmen that I looked up to (one of them being my RA) were already a part of it.

How would you describe APO to an outsider?

APO is a co-ed service fraternity united in the pursuit of creating Brotherhood, sharing friendship, developing leadership, and doing service.

What does APO mean to you? (I know a big question :))

APO means Brotherhood to me. It means a united group of people; there for each other through thick and thin.

Who is your Big and how would you describe them?

My Big’s name is Veronica and her brother name is Jean Grey. I would describe her as being ridiculously motivated and determined. Her favorite quote is “We are what we repeatedly do. Excellence, then, is not an act, but a habit.” She clearly demonstrated this by graduating an entire year early and went to vet school. She is incredibly funny and amazing and I could not have asked for a better Big.

What is your brother name and what does it mean to you?

My Brother name is Dazzler. The APO tradition is that your Big picks your name for you, and my family is the Superhero/villain line. Dazzler was a part of the X-men, just like my Big. In the Marvel universe they work together. My Big chose Dazzler not for this reason, but because of Dazzler’s super powers. We share a name, but we also share a passion for music. Her powers allow her to transform noise energy into light energy. My Big said that this reminded her of me, because I not only am a musician, but am also a bright person.

What position do you currently hold/ have you held?

I currently am the VP of Membership/Sgt. At Arms. I have also worked as Inter-Chapter Relations and as New Member Educator.

What is your favorite service project? Why?

My favorite service project has been Feed My Starving Children. DelVal has hosted it on campus in the Moumgis for a few years now. It is a weekend long event, packing Manna meals that have been specifically designed for malnourished children. It is beyond amazing to see the amount of dedicated and caring people that come out and last year they packaged enough meals to feed 980 children for an entire year.

What is one service project that you wish we could do?

I wish we could do GoodWorks. It is completely intertwined with my family; my dad goes every month, my uncle works there, two of my uncles volunteer there, and both of my grandfather’s volunteered there. It is like Habits for Humanity, except that they fix up homes for those who cannot afford it instead of building homes. It is another one of my favorite service projects, but it is not local, so I know why we cannot do it as a group.

Have you gone to a national convention? If so, what was your favorite part and why did you go?  If not, would you ever go to one and why?

I have not, but I am planning on going to the national convention this December! I am so excited to meet other Brothers and learn as much as I can.


What’s your favorite part of being a brother?

Tough question. It’s probably the Brotherhood. The opportunity to make a difference with a group of people close to you.

Would you rather have a big fraternity or a small fraternity? Why?

A small to medium fraternity; one that is too big means that it may be harder to develop strong bonds between each member. Plus, I have always just done better in small groups.

When given the chance would you want a little to mentor? Why or why not?

I can’t wait to have a Little! My big has always been such an inspiration for me, plus a life-long friend. I cannot wait to develop another bond like that; this time I could have the chance to inspire a new member.

Did you always picture yourself joining the Greek life or was it the spur of the moment action?

It was totally spur of the moment; I had never thought I would join Greek life. I have come to learn that it is completely different than what the movies let you think it is, and now I am not at all surprised that I joined Greek life.

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