Oh, by the way, did you notice we are evolving into the planet of the apes. Great. This is the set up.

So maybe you aren’t as familiar with every nuance of the Planet of the Apes movies as me, that is the assumption I am operating under. Why, you ask? I think about the Planet of the Apes often, and most other people I meet do not. Hey, I think you’re great. I don’t mean to come off as insulting or cutting with my remarks. Maybe you haven’t spent as much watching it, or thinking about it as I have. Maybe you have. I actually don’t know nor do I have any way to know. I spend a lot of time watching the movies and TV shows. You may not have had the toys to play with. You may not have watched the movies and TV shows as a kid, like I did. You may not have formed thoughts about it only to re-watch as an adult and find a whole different set of thoughts spring out as a result of the viewing. Or maybe this same thing happened to you, too. Either way, I do have plenty of thoughts about Planet of the Apes and how it relates to things. Just in case it wasn’t already clear, I do not think I am a better person than you, the reader, for your knowledge or lack of knowledge on the subject. Hey, I think you’re great. I am going to set out to prove that we are living in the world that is the run-up to the world in the Planet of the Apes. Holy moley! What if I am right!? OK, time for some disclaimers!

  1. Disclaimer 1: I won’t write with any doubt. If you are expecting me to doubt myself, I do not plan to. I plan to be 100 % confident in what I am saying.
  2. There is some science mentioned or referenced throughout the Planet of the Apes franchise. I won’t be using science, or referencing science in my persuasion. I will more likely be making fun of science than anything else. Why? I don’t want to use science. For example, in Escape from the Planet of the Apes, there is a scene that discusses time travel and how it works, practically, and I will be neither discussing nor handling that conversation.
  3. As much as possible, I will try and avoid spoilers, and while some of these movies are only a few years old (excusable), some are almost 50 years old. Get amazon prime if you don’t already have it and you can rent any or all of the movies for less than five dollars each.
  4. I am going to tie things in our world to things in the world of the movies/TV show/cartoon/book. Be charmed. Be very charmed.

OK, that is out of the way. So, first up, the world of Planet of the Apes is every bit as rich and filled with meaning and power as out own world. So it should be possible to link those things that purport to happen in the series to the real world, making them credible. There is never a shortage of bizarre things happening in our world, so it should fun to string these real and theoretical ideas together. This is just the set-up for the information to follow. Come on, you’ll believe anything.

Let’s go!



Photo of Edward G Robinson, who portrayed Dr. Zaius in the screen test, which was needed to green-light the first Planet of the Apes movie.

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