Be Thankful, It Could Be Worst

Be thankful for the life you have! I know you think to yourself things could be so much better, but you know what? Things could be so much worst! Life is a perspective in a way, and I find the times I am most happiest is when I am thankful for where I am. When I start thinking “I should have that,” or “i wish this would happen in my life,” that is when I feel like absolute crap!  I’ll be honest, I don’t know where I am headed in life, I like to think I have things figured out, but right when I think I have everything figured out, life throws me a curve ball. Last year I had my faith in baseball, there is good money in that. I was set, I had the right people talking to me and I thought my career was gonna take off, and then 20 games into the season I tore ligaments in my knee… For the first time in all my 15 years of playing… What timing right? That injury hurt for a moment, there were times I sat there asking God, “why me, why now”. And in that time of quietness I realized things could be so much worst, I could die today, and I’m upset about not playing baseball. Nothing is guaranteed here, there is no materialistic thing here that brings security. God is the only one who brings me security, because He promises eternal life through His Son Jesus Christ! Even if this whole world is against me, He promises that I have Him on my side! Curve balls in life will come, that’s a guarantee. So lets be thankful for life, the good, the bad, the ugly, whatever you are facing, hold on. It could be worst, and as long as you are living, there is hope, life is a blessing! So hold on!

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