From an Archer to a Snake-Bearer and I Hate Snakes

I was happily clicking through the Cosmopolitan story on Snapchat when I happened across something startling. According to a blog post put out by NASA earlier this year, there is a thirteenth star sign. You read that right. If your birthday falls between November 29th and December 17th, then your sign is Ophiuchus, or Serpentarius the Snake-Bearer. WHAT. My birthday is December 7th and now my life is a lie. Basically.

Okay, worse things can definitely happen, and most people may be unaffected by this news, but I felt the need to share. Supposedly, there has always been thirteen signs in the zodiac, but the Babylonians had already decided on a twelve-month calendar so they decided to overlook this particular constellation. That is, until NASA decided to add fodder to this tale and changed my life forever. Okay I know I am overreacting. Just let me rock.

Now, from a scientific standpoint, yes, there are thirteen star signs. From an astrological standpoint though, the jury is still out. Ophiuchus was omitted for a reason, and people have been interpreting it in different ways. Scientists and astrologers are all across the board on this one, so I’m pretty sure you can just believe whatever you please. You can find what seems like a million articles online either affirming or negating Ophiuchus’ presence on our zodiac calendar, so if you freaked out like I did, go ahead breathe a sigh of relief.

There are some pretty cool traits that are associated with Ophiuchus. If you fall under this category, you are perceived as peaceful, lucky, poetic, have secret enemies in inner circle, smart, goal-oriented, among other things. Like all good star signs, this is pretty vague and can apply to almost anyone. So naturally I found myself trying to figure out what traits matched with me and what didn’t. I miss when everything was simple and my birthday fell in line with Sagittarius. Sigh.

Attached to this post are the old and “new” dates, since adding Ophiuchus may have thrown off your star sign’s groove. Welcome to my world.

In the end of it all, a star sign does not define you. You define you. Even though somewhere in my mind, I can still be that awesome Sagittarius girl at heart, I am Aria at the end of the day. That is a fact that is not changing, no matter how many new star signs they want to add to the mix.zodiacsignsoldvsnew

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