It Starts With You

I remember the old classic song by Michael Jackson, “Man in the Mirrior.” What a great song and what a great message it was! It is a message that I think we should all take to heart and reflect on in our lives! One thing that I have learned in life is that our words are empty… If you do not live them out day to day and fulfill them! If you preach love and you show nothing but hate, nobody is going to understand the message you are preaching… It is no secret that the world we are living in is corrupt, full of hate, division, and so on. Do we care enough to make a change? Do we care enough to look around and try to put a stop to this hate? I believe that we do have the power to put an end to this, it’s time that we stop labeling each other, it’s time that we stand up for each other, I don’t want to just stand up and care about the person I know well… I want to stand up for the person I don’t know, I want to stand up and care for the person, that other people call a loner, or outcast. This is the only way to bring peace. Can we put other people before ourselves? Can we serve, and not worry about be served only for a moment? Do to others as they would want done to you, this starts with just the smallest act! Above all it starts with you! Who is the person you see in the mirror? Reflect on that, it may be a humbling experience, but I think a lot of us need to be humbled. If your upset with the person you see in the mirror, then maybe this message was for you; but fear not, because as long as you are alive, there is time to change… So make that change!

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