“…a scorching case of herpes!”

Critics cover any new movie that is in theaters, but there are some (older) classics that are itching to have a 2016 review done about them. This week, we are looking at none other than “Bueller, Bueller, Bueller”- that’s right 1986 masterpiece Ferris Bueller’s Day Off.

There are so many different ways to review this movie such as its unsung comedic characters (like Grace, the Economics teacher, or Jeanie), through smaller hidden gems (like snippy one-liners or tidbits you need to watch closely, the likelihood of events, or just the movie as a whole.

Ferris Bueller is a heartthrob in any event planner’s world. This high schooler has thought of almost every scenario that might unfold in his day off from school. The mastermind took under consideration how to get everyone on board, Sloane out of school, arranging phone calls and answering machines, doorbells, timelines, if his parents were to come home, his sister’s revengeful attitude, if the Dean of Students was going to be suspicious and look more into the excuse, and Cameron’s reservation. The amount of time and brain power this must have taken to plan and carry out the prep work needed is truly mesmerizing, and considering Cameron or Sloane didn’t know what Ferris had planned for the day, this was obviously a solo act. Yes, I realize that this whole scheme being played out, without anything going extremely out of whack that Ferris can’t handle is extremely unrealistic; but come on- it’s Hollywood. Nonetheless, Ferris Bueller you really are my hero.

And to top that all off, they had to find and ride that fine line between underselling and overselling it, otherwise the whole plan would go awry. Bueller had some awesome friends who would go along with the plan despite not knowing just how far he was going to go with his next idea- even though “you can never go too far”.

This classic will never receive less than a 5/5, two thumbs up, and a gold star from me because of his sheer genius plan and suave ways (along with killer one-liners and iconic characters).



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