Enough is Enough

The movie industry and capitalism within itself is based not on equality but on monetary profit. I understand that money is a necessary evil and that the movie industry will milk a franchise for as much as it’s worth, but I personally would like to keep some things sacred. One of these things is equality and fairness for actors. An example of this is the possibility of making the new Harry Potter play into a movie. Trust me, I’m thrilled that JK Rowling gave us a glimpse into Harry Potter’s future and I relish in the chance to keep the story going, but I am also very sentimental and find a few issues with this possible remake. The biggest issue is that Alan Rickman wouldn’t be able to be in it. I won’t give spoilers for the play but Snape needs to be in it. I won’t say in what capacity but Snape is an important part of the story. I feel like watching a Harry Potter movie without Alan Rickman as Snape is just wrong. I understand that this is the same argument for why people don’t like the play casting a black Hermione but hear me out. There are plenty of play adaptations that are based on movies and vice versa and I personally (and this is just me) feel like when you switch between medias that way, there is more room for adaptation. When you stay within the same media, especially one you’ve been in for 8 movies, there is more of an expectation for things to remain as they were. There are obviously exceptions to this idea that have been made such as switching the Dumbledore after the second movie when the actor passed away or using CGI to have Phillip Seymour Hoffman in the last Hunger Games movie. With these, all I can say is that the franchise was in the middle of a series. There was an expectation for the movie industry to finish the series as it was written. While this last movie would be a continuation of a series, my issue with it is that the series technically wrapped years ago and no filming is currently taking place therefore the movie industry would not lose money by not making this film. Another issue I have with the movie is that a lot of main characters died at the end of the last book/movie and a lot of other main characters are not mentioned in the play. I feel like it would be ethically wrong to hire back some main actors to reprise their role and not give other actors a chance to do the same. Harry Potter is a cultural phenomenon that means a lot for many people, including me. I would love to keep the magic going for years to come but I also believe in fairness for the actors that helped make that magic on the screen. In this situation, I would rather there not be a new movie if it is missing some of these main actors over continuing the franchise.


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