Student vs. the Snowball Effect

The semester seems to have reached it’s peak velocity. I feel like a soldier frantically sprinting towards the shores of Normandy on D Day, attempting to navigate the seemingly unrelenting barrage of assignments attacking from every direction. This past week I froze like a deer in the headlights, but I’m just now beginning to regain agency in my extremities.

Procrastination is like a credit card: it’s a lot of fun until you get the bill.”

– Cristopher Parker (actor)

I feel I’ve reached the point of no return. I can either buckle down try to work my way through the mess I’ve created or essentially admit defeat and either drop out of school or fail three or four courses. I’ve decided to give catching up my best shot.

The most daunting of my responsibilities is to read. I am a very slow reader, and a poor manager of time. Not an ideal combination for a secondary ed-English major enrolled in five literature courses. If I miss a reading or two, the task looms so large that I tend to curl up into a little ball and try waiting it out. I’m sure my fellow English students can attest to the fact that this strategy is relatively ineffective. I’ve got to find my groove, but it feels like I might’ve left it on top of my trunk before I drove home.

I bought a planner and transferred my assignment schedule from all of my courses insofar as I’ve received it, but I really hate looking in that thing. All of my due dates for all of my classes written in the same spot, it just makes it all seem so overwhelming. So, I’ve decided not to look at it anymore. My plan is to simply work on one or more assignments, most of which I’m well aware without a reminder, for a designated hour or so each day, and then to scour my syllabi for anything that I might’ve missed. My ultimate goal is to, dare I say it, for the first time in my academic career be working ahead of schedule. To be continued…

-Drew Kirsch

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