DVU Football Victory

How about Delaware Valley University taking care of business on the gridiron Friday night as they crushed their opponent Misercordia with a 49-7 victory! If you like offensive action this was definitely the game to be at, DVU had 5 scoring plays of 50 or more yards. Those are some big time numbers! How about Sophomore Eric Shorter with already his second career kick return for a touchdown, he did it last year against Lymcoming, and now in just the second game he takes the opening kick off for a 89 yard touchdown!! This game wasn’t even close I mean the Aggies were up 28 to zip in the first quarter! They averaged over 10 yards per play and sophomore quaterback Dashawn Darden was nearly perfect for the game going 12-for-13 for 277 yards and two touchdowns. It wasn’t just one player though that lead this team to a victory and that’s the thing that I like most, it was a team effort, offensively and defensively. The Aggies beat Wesley College last weekend who is a solid football team, Misercordia this week and now next weekend they are going to travel to Kings College for an MAC contest, and in my opinion, I think DVU Aggies have a really good shot at starting the season off 3-0. There is no reason they can’t take down Kings, but then again, sporting events are filled with unpredictability. It is going to be a battle of who wants it most and I know that nobody wants it more than Delaware Valley University!!!

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